Practice Areas

Goal-oriented structuring and consistent enforcement of rights.

This is becoming increasingly important in an ever more complex world. For this, you need a team of experienced and specialized lawyers who can implement your issues in an economically sensible and legally sound manner.

Our team will support and advise you on all corporate and commercial law issues, including representing your interests in legal disputes. This allows you to focus entirely on your entrepreneurial concerns.

  • Contract drafting/designRemuneration and working time models
  • Advice for board members and managing directors
  • Company agreements and collective bargaining agreements
  • Employee participation programs
  • Employee data protection
  • Personnel leasing
  • Restructuring, transfer of business
  • Company pension schemes
  • Social security law
  • Terminations, staff reduction, short-time work
  • Litigation
  • Cross-border employment relationships
  • Insolvency employment law


Your contacts: Klaus WilkeVerena Dietermann

  • Planning of asset succession
  • Wills/Inheritance contracts
  • Power of attorney/advance care directives
  • Estate settlement
  • Execution of wills
  • Tax optimization


Your contacts: Ralf HochhäuslerJörg WalzerKlaus WilkeMichael WurthmannDr. Christian Hansen

  • Advice from incorporation to liquidation
  • Planning of articles of association
  • Advice on corporate law conflicts
  • Advising managing directors and shareholders
  • Conversion law and conversion tax law

Your contacts: Ralf HochhäuslerJörg WalzerKlaus WilkeMichael WurthmannDr. Christian Hansen

  • Taxation of foreign income
  • Foreign tax law/Exit taxation
  • Permanent establishments and subsidiaries domestically and abroad
  • International value-added Tax
  • Customs Law
  • Employee Secondment
  • Transfer pricing including documentation and planning

Your contacts: Claudia Averbeck, Heiko Günther

  • IT contracts
  • Domain law
  • Data protection/privacy
  • eCommerce
  • Taxation of eCommerce

Contact: Alexander Hamminger

  • Planning and implementation of joint ventures
  • Support in the planning and management of an M&A transaction
  • Contract initiation, Letter of Intent
  • Company acquisitions and sales
  • Corporate transformations and restructuring
  • Due Diligence
  • Negotiation, drafting, and execution of contracts

Your contacts: Jörg WalzerMichael Wurthmann, Klaus Wilke, Dr. Christian Hansen

  • Advice on setting up, e.g., tax-privileged corporations under german law (gGmbH, UG)
  • Obtaining and maintaining recognition as a tax-privileged corporation
  • Restructurings, such as mergers or asset transfers
  • Ongoing legal and taxation advice on charity and donation law
  • Advice on sponsoring tax-privileged entities
  • (Tax) Legal support for tax audits and financial court disputes

Your contact: Dr. Christian Hansen

  • Establishment/Start-up advice, particularly official coordination (foundation supervision/association register)
  • Ongong advice on foundation and association law matters (member meetings)
  • Assistance with amendments to articles of association
  • Foundation as a succession instrument

Contact: Dr. Christian Hansen

  • Comprehensive tax advice for public sector companies
  • Identification of businesses of a commercial nature
  • Conversions and restructurings, e.g., of proprietary companies
  • Training on taxation of the public sector

Your contact: Dr. Christian Hansen, Jörg Walzer

  • Advice for business owners and owner families
  • Preparation, structuring, and support of corporate successions
  • Contractual implementation and support of transition
  • Interdisciplinary advice on inheritance law, tax and company law
  • Advice on company sales and acquisitions

Your contacts: Ralf HochhäuslerJörg WalzerKlaus WilkeMichael WurthmannDr. Christian Hansen

  • Advice, drafting, and review of contracts, particularly sales law, leasing law, tenancy law, patent law and distribution law
  • Law of general terms and conditions
  • Extrajudicial and judicial representation of interests

Your contacts: Klaus WilkeAlexander Hamminger

Your contact

Dr. Christian Hansen

Dr. Christian Hansen

Lawyer, Tax Adviser, Specialist lawyer for tax law

Telephone: +49 (0)441 9710-189

  • Tax and corporate law advice for companies
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business succession
  • Tax redress procedures and tax court proceed