This is how we are

Together with our employees, we have identified these three core values that are important to us in our daily work and in our dealings with one another.

Catherina Neubauer


Treuhand offers its employees a great deal of freedom – in terms of content through a varied and challenging range of tasks and in terms of time through flexible working hours. We are convinced that a good balance between work and private life is of great importance for satisfaction and performance. And we adapt the framework conditions of the job to the different phases of our employees’ lives in such a variable way that the job always fits in perfectly with their current life situation.


We are passionately committed and refreshingly different. At Treuhand, we not only work together, we also have fun and make friends. Each individual actively contributes their opinion and experience. Even in difficult situations, no one is left to their own devices. We are a real business family with a family-friendly corporate culture.


Treuhand stands for first-class advice and reliability. We are modern, dynamic and innovative. Employees are challenged and promoted according to their talents. A career with us is an option, not a must. It is important to us that performance is recognized and fairly rewarded. Thanks to a wide range of challenges and

training opportunities and flat hierarchies, we ensure that everyone can shape their own future with us.

We offer career, work-life balance and team spirit as a package.

Perfectly balanced

It is our employees who make us what we are, who contribute their commitment, passion and experience and lead us to success. We believe that a good work-life balance is crucial for job satisfaction and performance. It is not for nothing that we stand for the fact that our employees get career, work-life balance and team spirit in one package. To this end, we have been creating the best framework conditions for years and are constantly developing new offers, which we supplement with a wide range of social benefits.

This commitment to family and life-phase-oriented HR work has been reflected in our company’s berufundfamilie certificate from the Hertie Foundation since 2010.

Our central services

Company pension scheme

We offer this efficient form of pension provision in the form of direct insurance. The employer’s social security contributions saved through deferred compensation are made available to the employee as a further component of the company pension scheme.

Laundry service

Our employees can save themselves the washing machine, as we work together with a cleaning company: Twice a week, you can drop off your own laundry at our location in Oldenburg and then pick it up clean and ironed. It is also possible to have suits, shirts, blouses etc. made to measure.

Home office

Wir bieten je nach Tätigkeitsbereich die Möglichkeit, Gleitzeit und individuelle Arbeitszeitmodelle zu nutzen. Darüber hinaus haben die jeweiligen Vorgesetzten immer ein offenes Ohr, wenn es darum geht, den Mitarbeitern das dezentrale Arbeiten zu ermöglichen.

AWO lifebalance

In cooperation with awo lifebalance, our employees can take advantage of free and anonymous counseling services on the topics of children, care and psychosocial stress. When it comes to children, the spectrum ranges from regular childcare to emergency care. It also includes vacation programs for school children, event support and advice for parents. In addition, comprehensive advice and support is provided for employees with care responsibilities, e.g. when it comes to questions about care and nutrition, housing and household, mobility, care and leisure as well as illness and disability. The AWO’s life situation coaching helps in professional and personal crisis situations.

Comprehensive healthcare

Our employees benefit from numerous offers that promote health in the workplace. For example, there is the opportunity to take part in the annual eye test or flu vaccination by our company doctor. In addition, health days are offered at Treuhand, where information is provided on topics such as stress and time management, healthy eating, back fitness and DKMS.

Company fitness program

This is how we keep fit! Our employees can take advantage of the Hansefit company fitness program at discounted rates. They can choose from a wide range of different sports. Even the use of swimming pools and saunas within the nationwide network of sports and fitness facilities is included.

Bicycle leasing

We are now offering bicycle leasing through our cooperation partner You can choose from the increasingly popular e-bikes, but classic bikes without electric drive are also included in the program. The monthly installments are shown on a fee statement. As a benefit, the trust covers the costs of the full service package (initial inspection + maintenance). And a safety vest plus a practical saddle cover are also included.


„Wenn ich meinen beruflichen Alltag einfach und plakativ beschreiben müsste, dann würde ich sagen: Keine Langeweile und ständig neue Erkenntnisse und Einblicke.”

Christian Loose


„Besonders toll ist der Teamspirit hier bei uns. Meine Kolleginnen und Kollegen nehmen sich immer Zeit für mich und ich stehe nie allein da. Das Wir-Gefühl wird wirklich großgeschrieben und macht das gemeinsame Arbeiten so angenehm.“

Stine Schmidt

Personalsachbearbeiterin Entgeltabrechnung